On view July 28 - August 19, 2017

"Flapdoodle and Cogitation"
by Craig Cambell
Main Gallery

Every sculpture has a story to tell. Craig Campbell began sculpting more than 20 years ago. He received his Bachelor of FIne Arts in sculpture from Wichita State University. His work represents a study of human and animal anatomy, including movement, character and proportion. He has created work for commercial clients and fine art galleries, and has also been commissioned by zoos, toy companies and the film industry.

"Bibs & Forks Food Invitational" 
co-curated by Emily Brookover and Dustin Parker
Boardroom Gallery

Co-curated with local artist and designer Dustin Parker, CityArts presents an art about food.  Some of Wichita’s well-known artists will exhibit new bodies of work of food, about food – some may even be made with food.  These artists have been given a single guideline, a specific dining course, with no other rules. Multiple art medias will be represented.

"The Land of Bread"
by Bread Nugent
Balcony Gallery

Using pen and ink, Brent Nuzum creates drawings inspired by his thoughts, dreams and encounters in the world, providing a personal glimpse inside his head. Brent is a self-taught artist from Garden City, Kansas currently living in Lawrence, Kansas.

Foster Promo Image.jpg

"Rachel Foster; Paintings"
by Rachel Foster
Main Hall Gallery

Rich in color and pattern, Rachel Foster’s paintings show the complexities of the human condition. The paintings represent intangible and universal connections, whether it be through family relationships or unbidden anxiety. Rachel is a painter with a Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and a Master’s degree from Wichita State University. She uses oil paint to create life from cloth and pigment, but not life as we see it; it’s life as she feels it.

On view August 25-September 23, 2017

"The Long and the Short and the Tall"
by Kevin Mullins
Main Gallery

Kevin Mullins’ gallery exhibition illustrates transcendence. He uses repeated patterns in his work to represent the same function as a mantra in meditation. Kevin received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute and his Masters of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking from the University of North Carolina. He also completed a Masters program in printmaking at the Chelsea School of Art in London, England. He has exhibited in the United States, England, Canada, Mexico, Denmark and Japan.

by Adri Luna
Boardroom Gallery

Adri Luna is a Kansas City-based artist who creates abstract mixed media paintings and site-specific, large scale installation projects using metal, paper, fiber and dye. Her work addresses issues in feminism, fragility and emotional interaction and exchange. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute.

by Desiree Warren
Balcony Gallery

Desiree Warren’s new gallery exhibition, “Edit,” sparked when she found a stack of Wichita Morning Eagles dated Sept. 18, 1961. She finds old newspapers fascinating — it’s a glimpse into a world that is gone but still echoes. “We can choose to sribble out certain aspects of the past or highlight them to fit to our current realities, but the underlying layers are always there,” Desiree says. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Kansas.

by David Danao
Main Hall Gallery

David Danao’s work reflects an individual style and vision of blending lines, color and composition to create a personal abstract image. Structures of the natural world strongly influence his work, prompting him to combine texture and shapes for visual depth for the amusement of the eye and imagination. David grew up in suburban Denver, Colorado. After working at a human resources consulting firm for 25 years, he has adopted a life of artistic pursuit.

"Social Change"
a special photography exhibition by CityArts' Street Photography classes
Third Floor Gallery

A collection of photos from current and previous Street Photography students at CityArts.

On view September 29-October 21, 2017

CityArts Student & Instructor Exhibition
by CityArts students and instructors
Main Gallery 

CityArts is proud to present an exhibition of work by students and instructors who participate and teach art classes at CityArts. CityArts is home to over 35 instructors who bring their passion of art to students in Wichita. CityArts’ students are the backbone of the facility who bring a spectrum of creativity to Wichita.

Special exhibition dates: September 29-October 13, 2017



"Glaze: CityArts Ceramics Exhibition"
by CityArts pottery students and instructors
Boardroom Gallery

"Glaze" will introduce work created by CityArts pottery students and instructors. During a 15-week pottery course at CityArts, students are able to focus on fine-tuning their creative pottery skills to complete small- and large-scale projects.





"Bounded Not Boundaries"
by Envision artists
Balcony Gallery

A fibers and paper arts exhibition created by individuals who are blind, visually impaired and multi-disabled.

"Clubhouse Lunch: a Mysterious Land of Pictures"
by John Pirtle
Main Hall Gallery

Freelance artist and illustrator John Pirtle’s new exhibition focuses on character driven illustration and their narratives. Each piece has been worked on, or completed during, his lunch hour at his day job. The chaotic lines in the drawings reflect the chaotic daily lives of the characters. He has been commissioned to work on different community art projects, including work for Douglas Design District, the Ruffin building and Botanica.

On view October 27-November 18, 2017


Arts Council Juried Exhibition
Main Gallery

The 2017 Arts Council Juried Exhibition is an annual exhibition open to all Kansas artists who are over 18 years of age. All forms of media are welcome in the show. Fore more information, visit wichitaarts.com or wichitacityarts.org.

Special exhibition dates: October 20-November 19, 2017





ARC of Sedgwick County Community Exhibition

CityArts once again is partnering with the ARC of Sedgwick County for the 5th annual art show in honor and celebration of Ruthie Spriggs who, for 30+ years, taught and inspired children and adults of all abilities. Through her love of art, she sparked their inner artists and taught them to express themselves through their work. Featuring work by those with developmental disabilities across the state of Kansas, this mixed media show will feature a variety of colorful work.

"Tentative Reality"
by Dane Jones
Main Hall Gallery

Local artist Dane Jones works to confuse the viewer. He creates work that shifts meaning and creates multifaceted interpretations. The work manipulates the viewer, luring them to take a closer look at the materials used to create the piece and how they are handled. Dane grew up in Lebo, Kansas and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from Emporia State University. He received his Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from Wichita State University.

On view November 24-December 27, 2017

"ISO 316"
by Cesar Aguiniga
Boardroom Gallery

Cesar Aguiniga is a freelance photographer based out of Wichita. Originally from California, Cesar took up photography in 2016 and travels all over to capture everything from snowy mountaintops to urban streets. He uses Photoshop to create surreal photographic results.

Gifts in the Gallery

Sale runs November 20-December 27, 2017
CityArts’ annual holiday celebration, Gifts in the Gallery, showcases a selection of art and unique gifts made by our extended community of artists. A boutique-style art sale, Gifts in the Gallery offers holiday shoppers a variety of handmade artwork from artists working in an array of mediums, including ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, glass, photography, home decor and more. Gifts in the Gallery takes over the first floor of CityArts in November and December.