On view August 31-September 22, 2018

“Pasture Survey: Kansas”
by Michael Pointer  |  Main Gallery

Michael Pointer is a fourth generation artist. After receiving his first camera at age nine, he began formal art training at the Wichita Art Association and the Wichita Art Museum. The Kansas prairie has imprinted a deep regard for wide skies and soft grass hills on Michael. In this new exhibition, he created monotype gelatin silver prints with that sunshine blowing through his head.

by Michael Pointer

by Gary Lincoln

“On and Off the Wall”
by Gary Lincoln  |  Boardroom Gallery

Even though Gary Lincoln received multiple degrees in math and chemistry from Wichita State University and went on to teach those subjects in area high schools, he is best known currently in the community for his extraordinary artistic abilities on the pottery wheel. He has been teaching beginning wheel throwing for WSU since 2013 and has shown his work throughout Kansas. Lincoln creates predominately functional, wheel thrown and altered vessels using low fire oxidation.

by Kelly Johnson

by Kelly Johnson  |  Balcony Gallery

Kelly Johnson is a watercolor painter who explores the forms of the natural world with an approach of curiosity and wonder. Her work focuses on florals and space themes, delving into the vastness that each has to offer and rendering them in a mix of abstraction and realism. Through her work, she aims to capture the ephemeral beauty of nature and to find meaning and solace in the rhythms of birth, death and rebirth.

by Jack Wilson

“Domestic Morning”
by Jack Wilson  |  Main Hall Gallery

Jack Wilson began creating art at an early age with his mother as his primary collector since kindergarten. Wilson was accepted into Wichita State University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in drawing and painting, and then a Masters of Fine Art in printmaking. Wilson's process of creating art has remained the same for the past 40 years. He begins his work with no particular idea in mind. He starts by making a mark and then responds to it, leaving evidence of time spent and thoughts streamed.

On view September 28-October 20, 2018

by Dustin Parker

by Dustin Parker  |  Main Gallery

Dustin Parker is an artist raised on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, 1980s horror films and “The Joy of Painting.” His newest exhibition at CityArts will present a collection of work that displays the full range of his creative pursuits and interests, including illustrations of monsters, abstract collage paintings using old comics and other found objects, and portraits of people - a little bit of everything all at once. Dustin lives and works in Wichita.

by Matthew Hilyard

“#Polaroid #Prints”
by Matthew Hilyard  |  Boardroom Gallery

Matthew Hilyard’s love of printed images started at a young age with photos of family celebrations and looking through magazines. Most of the images in this exhibition originate from personal histories and the environment around him. He treats photographic prints as a surface while adding other materials to it, primarily paint. Adding materials brings another level of connection for the viewer to interpret.

by Theresa Harrison

“Quilts and More”
by Theresa Harrison  |  Balcony Gallery

Constructing quilts is like working a jigsaw puzzle. Theresa Harrison uses color and pattern to create movement that draws the eye through the piece. Through her work in quilting in mixed media, Theresa has the desire to create an impression of a natural environment. Starting with background fabrics, the layers expand with a variety of materials, including threads, ribbons, paper, laces, beads and found objects.

by Susie Cunningham

“Layered Discoveries”
by Susie Cunningham  |  Main Hall Gallery

Susie Cunningham works in watercolor, acrylic, handmade paper and, most recently, paper sculpture. Susie is a lifelong artist who started selling art when she was 17. In this exhibition, she looks at nature, people and places to capture their individual uniquenesses with the goal that the viewer will look more carefully at the world around them and to discover the beauty and interest in unusual places.

On view October 26-November 25


“Arts Council Juried Exhibition”
guest juror: Rebecca Hoyer  |  Main Gallery

The 2018 Arts Council Juried Exhibition is an annual exhibition open to all Kansas artists who are at least 18-years-old. All forms of media are welcome in the show. Fore more information about the guest juror and for application information, visit www.WichitaCityArts.org.

by Brett Schauf

“Return to Flight”
by Brett Schauf  |  Boardroom & Balcony Galleries

Local photographer Brett Schauf has been the lead photographer for the Doc B29 restoration project for the last three years, a role that has enabled him to spend many hours both in the air and on the ground photographing the first two years of Doc’s return to flight. This opportunity inspired Brett to create “Return to Flight,” an artistic record of Doc B29’s first years of returning to flight and to honor the men and women who volunteered to restore the majestic bomber.

by Alyssa Brookover

by Alyssa Brookover  |  Main Hall Gallery

Alyssa Brookover is a graphics and photo media major at the University of Kansas. She finds her inspiration through human connection and her deep love for nature. “Growing” exhibits her exploration of the connection between personal growth and nature. As a person experiences personal change, they are often drawn towards the things that make them feel the most alive. From the perspective of her experiences, she is the one producing the images and the one seen in the images, making the pieces more intimate to her life experiences.

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