Quilting classes are offered in partnership with Valerie Bothell. Please enroll for your quilting classes by visiting www.ValerieBothell.com. E-mail Valerie at valbothell@gmail.com or call her at (316) 722-9578 to enroll.

Embroidered Basket of Flowers — NEW!

In this class you will learn how to do all the basic embroidery stitches needed to do the embroidery on the Basket of Flowers as well as the embroidery on the surrounding border. You will also learn how to piece the long crazy quilt borders surrounding the Basket of Flowers. Price includes fabric, thread and basked pattern to make the project. You will need to bring a sewing machine to the first class to learn how to piece the borders. No class 4/7

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Monogram — NEW!

IN this class you will learn many of the basic silk ribbon stitches needed to make a monogram. Price includes fabric, silk ribbon and pattern needed to make the project.