DSLR Basics: course handouts will be emailed prior to first class. Equipment/supplies: personal DSLR, related manual and tripod (if available). Classes recommended for ages 14+.

Introduction to the DSLR

This basic entry-level class is designed to familiarize you with the different DSLR camera functions. The class is designed for beginners who are starting to learn about digital photography and their DSLR camera.

DSLR Camera Basics - Level 1

Second in a series of six levels of photography classes that build upon themselves to give you full control of your DSLR camera. Your camera will be in full manual mode the entire time as you learn the topics of complete control and understanding of aperture, shutter and ISO. You will look at how they all work together to achieve equivalent value exposure, histogram and custom white balance. Prerequisite: Introduction to the DSLR or instructor permission.

DSLR Camera Basics - Level 2

This class will advance your ability to use DSLR features and knowledge of the basics of photography. This class will cover lens perspective and distortion, balanced exposures, photographing water drops, panning, close up photography and more. Prerequisite: Level 1 or instructor permission.

DSLR Camera Basics - Level 3

Get ready for an interactive experience that covers lighting, patterns, filters, external flash units, controlling natural light, reflectors, action/sports photography and close up photography, low light and nighttime shooting. Night outings may take place in addition to the normal class schedule. Prerequisite: Level 1 and 2 or instructor permission.

DSLR Camera Basics - Level 4

Building on the concepts and technical aspects learned in the previous DSLR levels, this class is all about the rules of composition and lighting. You will also learn and practice Forced Perspective Photography techniques. You will be given photo assignments that will be evaluated and prepare you for Level 5. Prerequisite: Level 1, 2 and 3 or instructor permission.

DSLR Camera Basics - Level 5

This class combines everything you've learned through all the photography levels, bringing you one step closer to mastering the art of taking great photographs. This class will include two big outings and two classroom sessions involving hands on instruction and critique. The end result will be a competition and exhibition of your best work. No class 5/26  |  Prerequisite: Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 or instructor permission.

Street Photography

In this four-week, hands-on class, you will learn and practice the art of street photography. Develop the confidence in shooting the world around you and the skill to elequoently present what you see to others.

Experience DSLR Photography