"Instar" by Monika Meler + Annie Strader
"Open It" by Jordan Kirtley
"Small Talk to Small Self" by Micala Gingrich-Gaylord
"Sillage" by Heidi Cruz

"The Last Generation" by Richard Davies
"Fallout Shelter" by Kody Ramsey
"Cloudfarm" by Matthew Miller
"Women of Portals" by Erin Raux

"Testing" by Curt Clonts
"Ditch" by Conan Y. Fugit
"The Rhythm & Power of Landscapes" by Pam Hayes
"Pulp" by Philip H. Nellis

The 2017 Congressional Art Competition
"Myriad" senior showcase by Friends University senior art students

"Yard Work, Part 2" by Charlotte Martin
"Inspirations" by Karen Scroggins
"Persona" by Megan Ewert
"Dichotomies" by Sasha Chapek

"Movements of Threads" by Chiyoko Myose
"Fauna Fabrications" by Ande Hall
"Planted" by Emily Chamberlain
"Trail Head Visions" by Meredith Radke-Gannon

"F's Walk" by Wil Fathi
"Under the Cover," the art of the album, by Spektrum Muzik
"Hometown Love" juried graphic design exhibition, sponsored by Lifeboat Creative
"Despite It All, the Sun Still Does Shine" by Amy Herrmann

"Flapdoodle and Cogitation" by Craig Campbell
"Bibs & Forks Food Invitational" co-curated by Dustin Parker
"The Land of Bread" by Bread Nugent
"Rachel Foster; Paintings" by Rachel Foster
Photography Exhibition by Level 5 photography students

"The Long and the Short and the Tall" by Kevin Mullins
"Meandering" by Adri Luna
"Edit" by Desiree Warren
"colorGrok" by David Danao

CityArts Student & Instructor Show
"Abstract Impressionist Prairie Views" by Charles Baughman
"Glaze" CityArts pottery show
"Bounded Not Boundaries" by Envision artists
"Clubhouse Lunch: a Mysterious Land of Pictures" by John Pirtle
"Social Change" street photography exhibition

Arts Council Juried Exhibition
"Tentative Reality" by Dane Jones
"Social Change" street photography exhibition


"The Will, The Work, and Other Doubtful Murmurs" by Ethan Patrick Harris
Handsome Devil Puppetry presents: "Death and the Maiden" by Hannah Carter
"Various Narratives" by Lisa Graham
"Through the Eyes of a Tiger" by Cowley College art students

"Trial By Fire" by CityArts glass blowing students & instructors
"Portraits" by Rachel Foster
"Fluidity" by Lyda Andrews
"Ellipses" by Amelia Schroeder

2016 Congressional Art Show
USD 259 Instructor Art Show
"Scatterbrained" by Butler Community College art students

"The Jobs of Yesteryear" by Tyler Voorhees
"Under the Surface" by Becky Hyberger
"Trail to Arrowwood" by Meredity Radke-Gannon
"Creative Catalyst" by Northeast Magnet High School AP art students

"From Sketch to Story" by Debbie Wagner
"Intuition: Paintscapes and Abstract Designs" by Holley Schmidlapp
"Untaming the Ordinary" by Kylie Millward
"Oro" by Joseph Rincones

"Spotlight" by CityArts Students & Instructors
"Body Narratives" by Robyn Young

"Artless" by various artists
The ARC of Sedgwick County Art Exhibition
"Mappings of Communication" by Envision artists
"Small Works" by Josh Tripoli

Wichita Sculptors Guild Exhibition
"Woman" by Kelsy Gossett
"Waiting for the Bus: Drive By Observations" by Connie Bonfy
"Sill: In Motion" by Tim Stone

"A Show of Children, an Affirmation of Childhood" by Dale Strattman
"Chapter 1: a Collaborative Ceramics Exhibition" by WSU students & alumni
"Home Movies" by Kristen Phipps
"Root Bound" by Kevin Kelly

The 2016 Arts Council Juried Art Show
"there is a little child and he never leaves" by Bernardo Trevizo Jr.
"FOUNDSOUND" by Ian Walker Stewart
2016 Congressional Show Winner Exhibition by Rose Cunningham