Current students can enroll for summer classes Monday, May 7 by calling (316) 350-3245.
New students can enroll for summer classesFriday, May 11 by phone or online.

Supply lists will be emailed at the time of enrollment and can also be obtained at the front desk upon request.


In this watercolor class, you'll learn basic techniques, including flat and graded wash, wet-onto-wet and glazing. Various elements of design will also be covered. The class is designed for beginners or those wanting to brush up on their watercolor skills. Paper required for the first class can be purchased at the front desk.

Fundamentals of Drawing

This class is designed to help you understand the foundation of traditional drawing. You will go through materials, create a 3D object on a 2D surface, basic understanding of light, techniques for measuring and simplification of forms. You will learn, from start to finish, how to construct the foundation for a realistic and imaginative drawing.

Portrait Fundamentals

This course is designed to help you understand the foundation of constructing the human face. Learn the placement of features, facial anatomy, planes of the face and individual features. You will be taken from start to finish how to construct and create a finished portrait drawing. This class will use casts of the human head.

Portrait Drawing Workshop

In these one-day workshops, you will draw from a live portrait model. You will learn facial construction and the placement of features to get a likeness of each individual. Learn how to simplify and get an accurate representation of the human face. Drawing experience required. Tips for the model encouraged. Age 18+

Drawing 101

In this class, you’ll learn how to take your drawing to the next level by learning in-depth drawing techniques and methods.


You will learn to paint using various applications on a variety of surfaces. From beginners to the more advanced students, this class offers something for everyone. 

Oil Painting

Learn how to get started in oil painting or improve and expand your current skills. You will gain the technical understanding of using oil paints in a classic and a modern way.