Supply lists will be emailed at the time of enrollment and can also be obtained at the front desk upon request.



Learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting, including flat and graded wash, wet-onto-wet and glazing. Various elements of design will also be covered. This class is designed for a beginner or someone wanting to brush up on their skills. Paper required for the first class can be purchased at CityArts.


Fundamentals of Drawing

In this class, you’ll learn the foundation of traditional drawing. You will create a 3D object on a 2D surface and learn basic understanding of light, techniques for measuring and simplification of forms. You will be taught from start to finish, how to construct the foundation for a realistic and imaginative drawing.



You will learn to paint using various applications on a variety of surfaces. From beginners to the more advanced students, this class offers something for everyone. No class Saturday, May 25.


Basic Drawing - NEW

No need to fear, basic drawing is here. In this mini class, students will learn the fundamentals of traditional drawing, using pencils and erasers as tools. Line, shading, texture and simple perspective will be covered. All supplies included, no experience necessary.


Drawing in Colored Pencil

In this class, students will create representational images by using color pencil. Projects will emphasize the interplay of line and shape in conjunction with pattern and visual texture in a polychromatic application based on color harmonies and value contrasts. The course also covers lessons in one point and two point perspective as well as color theory for color pencil applications.


Oil Painting

Learn how to get started in oil painting or improve and expand your current skills. You will gain the technical understanding of using oil paints in both a classic and modern way. No class Saturday, May 25.