Abstract and Nonobjective Art - NEW!

In this class, students will develop an understanding of composition and design of abstract and nonrepresentational art. The student will be introduced to a variety of media as well as techniques such as using knives, brushes, dry and wet media in an interplay of color, line and shape. Work will be done on a variety of different surfaces, which are prepared appropriately as carrier of the pictorial information.  No class 7/4

6-week class  |  Mon, 7/17-8/21  |  1:30p-4:30p  |  Instructor: W. Fathi  |  Cost: $115

6-week class  |  Tues, 7/25-8/29  |  2:00p-5:00p  |  Instructor: W. Fathi  |  Cost: $115


Paper Cutting - NEW!

Create unique and functional art with endless possibilities. Learn to convey movement, flow, depth and shadows with careful planning and precise cutting. Materials needed for paper cutting are minimal and inexpensive. Papercuts can be used for a mixture of opportunities, both practical and aesthetic. Drawing experience preferred.

6-week class  |  Thurs, 7/20-8/24  |  6:00p-8:00p  |  Instructor: D. Jones  |  Cost: $85