Field Trips

CityArts field trips are visual art experiences for all grade levels. Students move through rotations that provide a wholesome art experience. Depending on the grade level, projects can include printmaking, clay building, painting, drawing, weaving or glass work.

Several projects offered for field trips address National Core Arts and Common Core standards for various subjects. Students won’t be receiving grades while at CityArts, but will receive awesome hands-on art programming in an enriching and educational environment.

Field Trip Pricing Information

  1. Tell us how many students you are bringing. Note that the number of students you plan to bring is the base price you must pay for the field trip.
  2. Tell us how many classes you'd like to take. Each field trip class is one hour. For half-day field trips, you can take 2 classes. For a full-day field trip, you can take 4-5 classes. The price per student is based on how many classes you take. Note: in-depth projects that take multiple hours to complete will be invoiced as multiple classes.
  3. We will give you the price for the field trip. Once you've given us information about the number of students and how many classes you'd like to take, we will give you the total for the field trip. 

Price Breakdown: 1 class = $2/student; 2 classes = $4/student; 3 classes = $6/student; 4 classes = $8/student; 5 classes = $10/student. The pricing structure is applicable to all schools, including Title 1.

Can we go on a tour?

CityArts provides free tours to school groups. Depending on the age group, tours can run 30-minutes to one hour. The four gallery spaces housed at CityArts change monthly. No two visits to CityArts are ever the same. If you’d like a tour included in your field trip, please make that request when you schedule your field trip so we can build it into the day’s schedule of activities.

How do we schedule a tour?

Reservations for tours and field trips should be made at least two weeks in advance. Call (316) 350-3244 to schedule your field trip. Payments can be made before, day-of or within 10 business days after the field trip. You can pay via cash, check, Visa or Mastercard. Make checks payable to CityArts.

Where do we park?

There are different parking options you can utilize in Old Town Square:

  • First-level of the parking garage is limited to three hours with a few spots available that don’t have time limitations. Second- and third-level parking has no limitation.
  • Surface-level parking along Mead between 2nd and 3rd Streets is limited to two hours.
  • Mead between 3rd and Central is free and has no time limitation.
  • Buses can load and unload in front of CityArts and park in empty stalls along Mead between 3rd and Central.

Ready to book your field trip?

Sean Jones
Programming Director
(316) 350-3242

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