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Yoga + Printmaking — NEW!

Join Vicky Cleary of uplift YOGA+FITNESS for a 45-minute yoga session, followed by an hour-long art aerobics experience. Using small rubber blocks, you’ll create your own intricate printmaking block. Once complete, you’ll practice transferring the design to paper using a variety of different printmaking inks.

What kind of yoga will we be doing? Vinyasa yoga, which basically means “breath-synchronized movement.” A Vinyasa-style yoga flow can help you stay focused, while you link each pose to an inhale or an exhale. There’s lots of variety – and sequences are usually well-rounded, incorporating standing, stabilization, hip opening, twists, lateral and forward bends, balancing and inversions. But we'll also dial into specific areas (the possibilities are endless!). Vinyasa is great for beginners, but can also push you to your limits – and it gives you a great cardio workout, even when the pace is slow. Bring your own yoga mat.