Expressive Arts Power Pose Experience

Tapping into the power of personal physiology to create confidence and well-being sets the tone for this unique experience. Unleash your creative energy and design your own personal totem to connect you to your core energy and confidence.

About the Project: Strike a pose and tap into better health and a better life. This thought-provoking exercise will have you creating your own Power Pose Totem using wire, paper, paint, fabric and other found objects. Our body language changes our minds, our minds change our behavior and our behavior changes the outcome of various day-to-day activities. These art figures will serve as powerful visual reminders that our posture can affect our lives, and they will help us remember to tap into our inner power.

Cost: $20 per person, up to 20 guests
Availability of experience: M-F 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Length of experience: 2 hours

Half- and full-day experiences are available upon request. Due to space availability, please provide a couple of dates that will work for you and your organization. Please consider scheduling your experience at least three weeks in advance. For more information, or to book your Power Pose Experience, submit the form below.

To book your Expressive Arts Power Pose Experience, please contact:

Vicki Koepsel
Education Director
(316) 350-3244