Drawing for the Terrified

“I can’t even draw a stick figure.” Absolutely no experience allowed!  This class is for anyone who’s ever said “I can’t draw!” but wished it were otherwise.  This class will introduce you to basic methods of drawing and observational skills.  You will learn at your own pace within a structured course and judgement-free environment.  This class will prepare you to confidently tackle other drawing and painting classes and boost your artistic confidence!  All supplies included. No class 7/24

4-week class  |  Monday, 7/10-8/7  |  1:00p-3:00p  |  Instructor: E. Brookover  |  Cost: $70


Fundamentals of Drawing

This class covers the basic concepts of drawing, like contour, shading and perspective. It’s great for the beginner as well as someone who wants to brush up on drawing skills. No class 7/4

6-week class  |  Monday, 7/17-8/21  |  6:00p-8:00p  |  Instructor: W. Fathi  |  Cost: $85

6-week class  |  Tuesday, 7/25-8/29  |  2:30p-4:30p  |  Instructor: C. DeBeverly  |  Cost: $85