Adobe InDesign 1

Learn the software designers use to create newspapers, business cards, brochures and more. InDesign is a desktop publishing software that makes creating documents for business or personal use quick, creative and fun. You will be introduced to InDesign's interface and will learn how to add text, photos, shapes and more to a working document.

5-week class  |  Mon, 7/24-8/21  |  6:00p-8:00p  |  Instructor: S. Jones  |  Cost: $80


Pop Art Comic Books in Photoshop - NEW!

Do you have an interest in comics but need guidance and advice on how to make them? You'll be guided through the various stages of creating a multi-page comic, including script, thumbnailing, photos, Photoshop filters, page structure, panel composition and storytelling. Adobe Photoshop and InDesign will be used.

4-week class  |  Tues, 7/25-8/15  |  6:00p-8:00p  |  Instructor: D. Manion  |  Cost: $65


Food Photography - NEW!

Food lovers rejoice! We're offering you a one-day workshop that will teach you the ins and outs of food photography. Perfect for food bloggers or anyone who wants to zest up their Instagram account. Learn how to take professional food photos with your digital camera or cell phone. Please bring either a digital camera or your cell phone.

1-day class  |  Wed, 8/23  |  3:00p-5:00p  |  Instructor: K. Ramsey  |  Cost: $20

1-day class  |  Wed, 8/23  |  5:30p-7:30p  |  Instructor: K. Ramsey  |  Cost: $20


Photography: a Portrait - NEW!

In this class you will emulate various types of portraiture through hands-on learning of lighting, posing and editing. For our last project, you will learn how to combine your knowledge of portraiture with the technical knowledge of using a green screen.

4-week class  |  Wed, 7/26-8/16  |  3:00p-5:00p  |  Instructor: K. Ramsey  |  Cost: $65

4-week class  |  Wed, 7/26-8/16  |  5:30p-7:30p  |  Instructor: K. Ramsey  |  Cost: $65


Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator, this introductory class is designed for the first-time or beginning Illustrator user. You will learn basic concepts of design while exploring the Illustrator interface, layers, brushes and text tools.

5-week class  |  Thurs, 7/6-8/3  |  6:00p-8:00p  |  Instructor: J. Tyree  |  Cost: $80


Design a Brochure in InDesign - NEW!

Learn how to create a tri-fold brochure using Adobe InDesign. As a class, you’ll learn how to effectively lay out a brochure with photos and text, and then you’ll get to create one with information you bring in. You’ll get a basic introduction to the tools and techniques needed to create your brochure.

3-week class  |  Thurs, 8/3-8/17  |  3:00p-4:30p  |  Instructor: S. Jones  |  Cost: $40


Design Your Own Logo - NEW!

In this introductory logo design class, you’ll learn how to design logos that will strengthen the visual image of your own or your client’s company (real or imaginary). Learn the fundamentals of logo creation from concept to completion. You will need to be familiar with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator).

3-week class  |  Thurs, 8/10-8/24  |  6:00p-8:00p  |  Instructor: J. Tyree  |  Cost: $50


Adobe Photoshop, Level 1

In this introductory Adobe Photoshop class, you will learn about the Photoshop interface, twelve selection tools, understanding layers and more.

4-week class  |  Sat, 8/5-8/26  |  12:00p-2:00p  |  Instructor: A. Thieding|  Cost: $65



Photo Editing with Photoshop, Bridge & Camera Raw

Camera raw is the secret to achieving the results you want with your images. With jpegs, your camera may destroy up to 88% of the information in your images, whereas with camera raw you are working with 100% of the information. Bring your images (on a DVD or flash drive) the first day of class.

4-week class  |  Sat, 8/5-8/26  |  9:30a-11:30a  |  Instructor: A. Thieding  |  Cost: $65