For Photoshop and Lightroom - CityArts has Scott Kelby’s books “How Do I Do That in Photoshop?” and “How Do I Do That in Lightroom?” available for purchase at the front desk for $25+ tax. These are great companion pieces to the information covered in class.

 Adobe Photoshop

This class is designed to show the ins and outs of Photoshop. Using tools and techniques, learn how to design, alter, enhance and fix your photos. No class 7/1


 Adobe Lightroom

This class will begin with uploading your photos to lightroom. Make your photos visually stunning in this 4 week class as you learn editing tools, how to use brushes and how to create special effects. Also covered will be how to make HDR, Panoramic and to prepare for the final step of printing. No class 7/2 


Animation and Cartooning - NEW

This 4 week course will cover the skills and techniques used in the animation and cartooning industry. We will start by using and learning basic animations and how to think and use the same techniques used by the old Disney Masters. We will end the course by creating a simple animation using Photoshop. Age 12+ No class 7/3


Comic Book Creation - NEW

In this class we focus on the design and layout of how to create and make your own comic books. Students will learn start to finish, from story boarding to character design to layouts and finally how to create and market yourself as a comic book designer. Age 12+ No class 7/4


Digital Illustration

In this course, we go over the fundamentals of drawing and painting using digital mediums, including how to use the Wacom tablets. Students will walk away with completed digital drawings and paintings. Age 12+  No class 7/6


Game Art – NEW

This course we will teach and instruct you on how to create and design characters, creatures, environments and other assets that go into making games. Students will use the same techniques and tools that they use in the gaming industry. This course will focus using Photoshop and we will create our own concepts and designs. We will go over tips, tricks, and techniques and how to create art. Age 12+ No class 7/6


Digital Illustration – FOR DESIGN - NEW

Learn marketable design skills like how to create posters, invitations, advertisements, album and/or t-shirt art, in this 4 week Project Based course using Adobe Illustrator. No experience required. Taught by Master of Fine Arts Professor Joshua A Smith. No class 6/16 and 7/7