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On view September 6 - 26, 2019

A Third Thing
Matthew Hilyard and Kevin Kelly  |  Main Gallery

Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is to approach it from two different angles.  Through the materials and processes they bring to their compositions, Matthew Hilyard and Kevin Kelly are both asking the question, “What is painting?”  Both artists are pitting painterly elements against more mundane elements in an attempt to tease out some third thing that is more authentic, or more relatable. However, each artist is actively shaping solutions from different perspectives. Hilyard’s work often has a cumulative characteristic. He uses pedestrian materials such as duct tape, construction debris, or rags.  These are tinted by environment and the passage of time, and are curated into the framework of a painting.  Here, they rub- up against and are colored by the painter’s touch.  In this way, Hilyard is challenging expectations about what ingredients can constitute a painting.  By contrast, Kelly’s work is more like a dissection. Beginning with a subject and with the structure of a painting, the artist pulls gestures, paint materials, canvas, and frame apart and shuffles the parts out of context.  Pieces are pierced, fold or sag, and poke fun at rectangle formats.  Ultimately, the original subjects — trucks, ball caps, flags — can be read literally or as something more subversive. Through different paradoxes, each artist is pursuing “the third thing.”  This phantom element hinges on viewer expectations and expanding the vocabulary of painting.

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On view September 6 - 26, 2019

Silversmithing Jewelry Show
CityArts Silversmithing Students  |  Hallway Gallery


On view September 6 - 26, 2019

Guarded Treasures - Juried Exhibition
Dragon Master Foundation  |  Boardroom and Balcony Galleries

Dragon Master Foundation is a 6 year old pediatric brain cancer 501c charity based in Wichita Kansas. DMF’s mission is to find and accelerate cures for cancers and other diseases by fostering and rewarding a community of collaboration and innovation. We seek to spread awareness, expedite research and kinder treatments, and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.


On View July 26-August 30, 2019

CityArts Level 5 Competition
CityArts Level 5 Photography Students | 3rd Floor Student Gallery

This body of work is from CityArts’ photography students who have completed Introduction to the DSLR through Level 5. Students were judged off six categories including: Black and White, Nature and Landscape, Macro, Animals, People and Night Photography.