On view June 29-July 21, 2018

Billings Composition7.jpg

“Doug Billings: A Retrospective (Sort Of)”
by Doug Billings  |  Main Gallery

Doug Billings’ new exhibition showcases more than 30 years of paintings and printmaking. Doug has never been able to work on the same subject matter or process for more than five years; his need to change things up helps him maintain a high energy level in the studio. He takes one aspect from his current series as a starting point for the next series. Doug received his Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from Wichita State University, teaches printmaking at Mark Arts, and is the Founder and Director of Tallgrass Prairie Press Printmakers.


“Things I’ve Wondered About”
by Susan Bartel  |  Boardroom Gallery

After receiving one formal year of art education in public school as a child, Susan Bartel decided, as an adult, to finally pursue an art education. She received a commercial art degree from Pikes Peak Community College and spent several years afterwards as a freelance illustrator, most of her work being for a science textbook company. Susan has worked with many different media, but her current passion is watercolor. “I love the way one color mixes with another, creating miracles in the interaction between paint, water and paper” Susan said. For Susan, painting is a joyful experience that expresses wonder.

Curtis Haynes - Around the Corner.jpg

“Something Different”
by Curtis Haynes  |  Balcony Gallery

Curtis Haynes plays with the element of surprise when creating his acrylic pieces. He removes the protective film from the viewing side of the piece of plexiglass when the work is nearly or completely finished, letting the unveil of each piece serve as a new discovery. Through this method, he imagines how the next color used affects the previous color, which details will push forward or blend in the background. Curtis began his art education after his wife, Barbara, enrolled him in a painting class without his knowledge. He currently pursue acrylic painting classes under Wil Fathi at CityArts.


by Matthew Leahy  |  Main Hall Gallery

Matthew Leahy’s series of sculptures developed by accident. His first Effigy emerged as a contribution to a student extra credit project his students took part in at Highland Community College. These Effigies are not his usual imagery (2D magical realism pieces), but he finds their creation liberating because they allow creativity, randomness, found objects and spontaneity to be driving forces.

Photography 1.jpg

Level 5 Photography Competition
by current and former CityArts photography students  |  3rd Floor Gallery

On view beginning July 27 - each year, CityArts' photography program takes students from basic camera operations to making award-winning photographs. The six-level program (introduction-Level 5) teaches students how to take complete control of their digital camera. After the completion of all levels, current and former students are invited to participate in the Level 5 Photography Competition. A panel of guest judges critique student photographs and award top prizes and an overall best-of-show award to photographs in different categories.