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On view July 26-August 30, 2019

Fresh Scrape
Jim Simpson  |  Main Gallery

My art starts with the act of soaking up thousands of pieces of color, pattern or unique form. This storehouse of inspirational fragments are reflected in my work later. An eye for the unique and picturesque merges with a love for worn and battered things. The work is never constricted by excessive pre-planning, I liken it to picking up a handful of colors, a brush, and jumping off a cliff…anxious to see what’s at the end of the fall. This commitment to letting the image evolve on the surface, working up layers, destroying parts, letting other parts gleam through from underneath, aggressively scrubbing paint onto the surface, carving into previous layers, all contribute to a richer image. Every layer or vibrating broken line adding character and nuance.

Duck Duck Goose.jpg

On view July 26-August 30, 2019

Lupoli Farms
Lupioli Collective  |  Hallway Gallery

Lupoli is an artist duo comprised of Rebekah Lewis and Josh Tripoli based out of Wichita, KS, known for their colorful murals, illustration & design work. In the spirit of collaboration & childlike exploration, Lupoli aims to empower and enable creativity in their community. Lupoli Farms was initially inspired by old Russian matchbook illustrations and a love of children’s books. Through a diverse cast of animals, Lupoli Farms alludes to the universal human experience – the highs, the lows, and everywhere in between.


On View July 26-August 30, 2019

CityArts Level 5 Competition
CityArts Level 5 Photography Students | 3rd Floor Student Gallery

This body of work is from CityArts’ photography students who have completed Introduction to the DSLR through Level 5. Students were judged off six categories including: Black and White, Nature and Landscape, Macro, Animals, People and Night Photography.