Shanahan, Kathleen show card image,cropped.jpg

On view May 31-June 19, 2019

Suspended Trails/Animated Dreams
Kathleen Shanahan  |  Main Gallery

This body of work is full of visual and thematic linkages, brought together on the same dance floor. They are products of her personal brand of free association, rational thought and compulsions.

Bosworth Barn-Swallow-sm.jpg

On view May 31-June 19, 2019

Marc Bosworth |  Hallway Gallery

This recent work from Bosworth is about finding a balance between the different roles that he plays.

Bosworth is well known in the local art scene. He is one of the founders of The Famous Dead Artists group, which had a significant role in the blossoming of local art galleries in the early 1990’s.

Gegen Show Card.jpg

On view May 31-June 19, 2019

Dan Gegen |  Boardroom Gallery

His pottery work has gone through many changes over the years. Sometimes sculptural, often times functional, but always colorful and vibrant.

Alexander White Wake 44X72inch.JPG

On View May 31-June 19, 2019

Paul Alexander | Balcony Gallery

Alexander’s art is about how he feels in the moment, or it can be a mental image or color that will not leave him alone for days to weeks.

Heard dice.jpg

On View May 31-July 14, 2019

Up Close and Personal: An intimate perspective of all things small. 
CityArts Macro Photography Students | 3rd Floor Student Gallery

This body of work is from a recent Advanced Indoor Macro Workshop, in which students learned to photograph different subjects up close and personal using macro lenses.