All supplies included, unless notated otherwise.


Characters in Clay – NEW

Learn how to create a story with characters as a group! Each student will then learn how to sculpt their character from the story out of clay. While clay sculptures are drying and being fired, students will learn basic drawing techniques to make illustrations for the story. After the clay is fired, students will learn how to cold surface the characters with acrylic dry brushing techniques. Students will leave the class with a copy of the illustrated story they collaborated on and their sculpted character. Ages 6-12 No class 6/16 and 7/7


Youth Sculpture

Explore a variety of mediums such as clay, wire, paper-mache, plaster and more, to learn the basic principles of design. Create fun and interesting 3D art to add to your young artists’ gallery. Ages 6-12 No class 7/1


Stylized Figures in Clay – NEW

Learn to sculpt a stylized figure in clay. This class starts with the basics of hollow form building. Students will learn to add clay clothing, sculpt a stylized face, hair, hat and more. The sculptures will be completed with cold surfacing techniques taught with acrylic paint. Each student will create their own figure. Ages 6-12 No class 7/1


Mixed Media with Dryer Lint Animal Sculptures - NEW

Learn traditional building methods and use fun and exciting techniques! Students will be guided through the process of making an armature and creating form with paper sculpting. Learn a new process of hardening dryer lint to create a detailed permanent finish. Students will then add details and color with paint and embellishments. Students pick the animal you want to create. Ages 6-12 No class 7/2


Youth Drawing

Learn the basics of how to draw using different pencils, papers, and techniques. Kids of all skill levels will be able to have fun and gain confidence, all while exploring different media on paper. Ages 6-12 No class 7/2


Youth Painting

Students will learn how different types of paint work on different types of surfaces and create unique artwork. Learn how to use colors and textures to depict subject matter and express self. Ages 6-12 No class 7/4


Cubism Selfie

Students enjoy drawing and assembling their own unique self-portrait using inspiration from Picasso’s cubist portraits