Fall & Winter Art Camps

CityArts’ art camps give youth ages 6-12 a core knowledge of art as they make new friends and have fun making art. Early drop-off (7:30-9 a.m.) and late pick-up (4-5:30 p.m.) is available at no extra charge. Campers who are staying for both morning and afternoon camps should bring a sack lunch. Monitored lunch will be from 12-1 p.m.

Mixed Media Fall Landscapes

Using oil pastels, tempera paint and a fun printmaking technique, you'll create colorful paper to be used in a decorative mixed media fall collage.

1 day      11/20      Monday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Leather Vest

You'll design your own wearable vest and then cut it out of real leather. You'll then add your personal touch to your vest using permanent markers, acrylic paint, beads, fringe and anything else that sparks your creativity.

1 day      11/20      Monday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25

Clay Self-Portraits

Create a fun self-portrait using air dry clay and acrylic paint to bring it to life. You'll learn about facial proportions and how to sculpt a realistic looking face from a flat square slab of clay.

1 day      11/21      Tuesday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Picasso-Inspired Portraits

Drawing from the works of Picasso, you'll create two self-portraits which you'll then combine into one drawing using the "Cubist" style, which means you'll make then look silly. You'll then use different types of paint to make them come to life.

1 day      11/21Tuesday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25

Kandinsky-Inspired Drawings

Based on the works of abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky (who saw sounds as beautiful colors), you'll draw and paint creations to the sounds of different musical styles.

1 day      12/18      Monday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Shade and Shadow

Learn how shading and the use of shadows bring your drawings to life. Draw objects using linework and crosshatching and learn how light causes shade and shadow.

1 day      12/18      Monday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25

Mixed Media Winter Landscapes

Using oil pastels, tempera paint and a fun printmaking technique, you'll create colorful paper to be used in a decorative mixed media winter landscape.

1 day      12/19      Tuesday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Make a Statement

While creating a colorful poster about a cause that's important to you, you'll learn how to hand draw letters to create your own typography. You'll also pair your type with a hand-drawn image.

1 day      12/19      Tuesday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25

Winter Woodland Critters

Create winter woodland critters using felt, weaving, sewing and embroidery.

1 day      12/20      Wednesday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Here, Near and Far

You'll learn about perspective as you draw three different objects placed various distances from you. You'll then choose which media to use to bring your favorite drawing to life.

1 day      12/20      Wednesday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25


Using oil pastels, watercolor, salt and rubbing alcohol, you'll create different textures and patterns. Then, you'll add linework to your pages and create abstract collages.

1 day      12/21      Thursday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Wanted Posters

Create your own "Wanted Poster" self-portrait using paint, oil pastels and chalk. You'll also learn about hand lettering and even get a chance to write a paragraph detailing your wanted character's woes.

1 day      12/21      Thursday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25

Leather and Felt Bracelet

Create your own leather bracelet with a three dimensional felt embellishment.

1 day      12/22      Friday      9:00a-12:00p      Staff      $25

Monarch Butterfly Collage

Use chalk pastel and tempera paint to create a brilliant night background and then learn how to draw a beautiful Monarch Butterfly that will be collaged onto your background.

1 day      12/19      Tuesday      1:00p-4:00p      Staff      $25